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Established in 2011 Lucid has very quickly become one of the premier VFX primers in South Asia region collectively India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal. In a very short space of time, Lucid has become a hub for some of the finest talent in the region. We believe strongly that outsourcing isn’t just about making incredible deals for our clients but instead it’s about nurturing the talent of our local staff, providing employment opportunities, developing a thriving industry in Nepal and building strong lasting international ties at the highest end. With a broad range of experience from around the world we understand that every job has its own needs which we adapt and meet every time as we continue to deliver world class assets on time, every time.
- Lucid Nepal

Lucid is a collective of professional new media artists based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are unique in Nepal, in terms of our international production experience and our diversity of artists. We use the latest media technology to continually deliver cutting edge and creative solutions. With a small and dedicated team working at the top end of feature media, films, animation, post and documentary production, Lucid is more than equipped to deal with the specific requirements of any media production. We strive to set international production standards in terms of professionalism and creativity. This is what sets us so far apart from the local competition.


Our Services

Lucid is proud to offer services in:

Rotoscoping / Keying

Roto is not a dirty 4 letter word. With lucid you don’t need to worry about hair details, furs or leaves you name it we’ll deliver you every single piece of hair strand, you are welcome to count the hair strands if you want

Paint / Cleanup

Don’t like what you see? We’ll remove it for you! Is there something you don’t like in the shot or a lousy crew member who forgot where the camera was rolling, all you have to do is ask us and we’ll remove anything or everything for you…

VR Paint

Stitching problems? The perfect stitch not happening? Well at Lucid a stitch in time saves nine! We’ll fix it for you through the process of paint or perhaps there is something you want to remove from the shot? It’ll be like it it was never there…

Tracking / Matchmove

Need tracking information for integrating CGI elements, set extension or object replacement, we’ll do the 3D tracking or object tracking for you


Need all roto/cleanup/matchmove and add different elements to make a single comp we’ll do it for you. 2d or 3d compositing whatever your choice is

3D / 2D Animation

2d or 3d compositing whatever your choice is. We are here at your service.


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